Raider's Quest

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Release date: Spring 2016
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Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 7.0+

Game Synopsis

Raiders Quest is a mobile free-to-play RPG. Collect and train over 50 unique heroes, with new characters joining the battle every few weeks. Raid hundreds of treacherous dungeons to collect epic loot and legendary gear to be the number one Raider in all of Sartosa.


Elemental battles

The game revolves around countering elements. Whether in battles against monsters or against other Raiders, the strongest heroes do not necessary win if they’re at an elemental disadvantage. Master the elements and fight to the top!


Collect numerous heroes and evolve them to be the strongest heroes in the realm. Each evolution not only increases strength, but also aesthetics. Defeat your opponents with superior heroes and look good while doing so!

Epic bosses

The land of Sartosa is filled with dangerous monsters. None more so than the epic bosses that lurk deep within the dark dungeons. Gather your heroes or team up with other Raiders in Guilds to take down colossal monsters!


Alkemis Games

Alkemis Games designs and develops mid-core freemium games for the iOS and Android platforms. We were founded in August 2014 to be the leading mobile game studio in Indonesia by making world-class mobile games that have more depth and engagement level than the local industry have seen before.