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Release date: Summer 2016
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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 8.0+

Game Synopsis

Hidden within the World Wide Web are virtual plexuses where criminals and selfish pioneers can flourish freely. Such potential has caused an imbalance and instability of control, resulting in the First World Cyberwar. If given the chance, could and would you infiltrate and regulate this space according to the law or ignore the written rules and join the fight for dominance?

What's The Game?

Cyberspace offers a lot of possibilities for those who can wield its components expertly. In this scenario, you’re provided the opportunity to compete with the elite. Using a high-end cyber combat visual interface, you will create your own 3-D modeled network, change and upgrade it to enhance security, as well as, of course, hack those of other players. The research of new programs and experience will help improve your hacking capabilities and each success shall increase your hacker reputation.

What Makes it Fun?

Hackers is the first complex strategy game on mobile devices to be based on computer infrastructure manipulation for the purpose of competition.

For Gamers That...

  • Are fascinated by sci-fi, especially cyberpunk, and technology
  • Excel at planning and execution under intense circumstances
  • Crave in-depth battles against other human players

Not For Gamers That...

  • Want short and casual entertainment sessions
  • Prefer control that requires minimal interaction
  • Feel a character-centric plot boosts the engagement level


Trickster Arts

An independent software development studio based in the Czech Republic. In 2012, we took our AAA developer experience and formed a small team to create interesting and beautiful games.