Beat Sports

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Action
Platforms: Apple TV
Requirements: 9.1

Game Synopsis

Anyone who has ever played Wii Sports will understand exactly what Beat Sports is all about. Use your Siri remote as if it were a Tennis racket, Baseball bat, or Golf club to smack the ball. Stay in rhythm with the upbeat music playing in the background to time your swings perfectly. The mini-games include Tennis, Volleyball, and Golf.


Time Your Swing To Match The Music

The beat matches up perfectly to the placement of the ball. So be sure to swing on beat for maximum power.

Super Hits

If you time your hits perfectly and build a streak, you'll be able to perform super hits to finish off your opponent.

Not Your Grandfather's Baseball

Beat the bad guys by timing your swing and moving your body...It's INTENSE!

Ready. Aim. GOLF!

You'll have to swipe your finger to aim to get the gold ball in the monster's month. Don't forget to stay on beat.