Candymon Adventure

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Arcade
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

In Candymon Adventure, you'll bring your pet candymon on an adventure and feed it with delicious candies. Candymons grow bigger as it eats more candy, but start shrinking after taking damage from enemies. Your candymon will unleash its special power and transform into a megamon when it has finally eaten its fill, so try to eat as many candies as you can. The collected candies are used to buy items and hats to aid you on your adventure. You'll find new candymons as you travel farther into the game. Each candymon lives in their own distinctively-themed room, and you can even decorate them with a variety of furniture.


You shall not pass!

Go on an adventure in this endless world with your candymon! Eat candies, dodge obstacles, and evade enemies! How far can you go? This game will prove to be a challenge of your reflexes!

Gotta get them all!

Each candymon lives in a separate room. You can decorate each room with unique sets of furniture, since you should make your candymons feel right at home!

Fancy hats

Having some trouble? Equip your candymon with hats! They have unique abilities and will help you on your adventure.


When your candymon has eaten its fill, getready to unleash the power of your candymon.


HenVan Entertainment

HenVan Entertainment is a two-man game development team based in Singapore. Nicknamed Hen and Van, these two awesome dudes were classmates back in the day and trained in the art of animation. They are also addicted to games, their entire lives! One fine day, they just decided to make games, combining their skills with addiction. And so, HenVan Entertainment was spawned.