Cartoon Survivor

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Infinite Runner
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 7.0+

Game Synopsis

Cartoon Survivor is an adventure runner, which is a new genre of gameplay. Following the demise of his last "hero," the Producer needed cartoon's bravest idiot to star in his game. As Doo Doo faces the ultimate test, players take up the challenge to make him the ultimate Cartoon Survivor. Players maneuver Doo Doo the Dodo through different death-defying obstacle courses that are filled with feisty creatures and deadly lava, and must do so before time runs out! Help Doo Doo and become the next Cartoon Hero by running, jumping, and even gliding your way through 23 unique levels that are spread out across four different prehistoric eras: Jurassic, Cretaceous, Stone Age, and Mayan. Cartoon Survivor is set in a beautiful and vibrant 3-D prehistoric world full of dynamic characters and hazardous environments that are designed to challenge and test your skills.


Run, jump, and glide

Run, jump, and glide your way through the different levels to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.


Avoid ferocious animals and hazardous obstacles.


Cartoon Survivor features stunning HD graphics and vibrant environments.


Discover hidden paths and caves to reach the end even faster.


Explore four incredible prehistoric worlds: Jurassic, Cretaceous, Stone Age, and Mayan.


Spunge Games

Spunge Games is a mobile game studio based in Brisbane, Australia that spun out of award winning animation studio, Liquid Animation. Established in 1999, Liquid Animation is a powerhouse of international talent and expertise that has overseen the creation, development, and production of animated and live action projects for major international entertainment studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Mattel. Our highly skilled and decorated team focuses on the development of high quality, family-friendly games that feature original characters, stories, and universes.