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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 5.1.1+

Game Synopsis

Travel throughout the world in a virtual gold rush, digging side-by-side with players in search of precious artifacts, fossil fuels, as well as naming rights to the game's many varieties of stone. Beyond the exploration, CivMiner features a staggering array of game modes with unique objectives and gameplay, such as using mined stone to build statues. Whether players choose to form alliances to more easily and quickly collect artifacts and oil or venture forth on their own, everyone can find something to love in CivMiner.

What's The Game?

Strap on your digital mining cap and get ready for far-reaching and immense action. You’ll use relentless, rapid tapping skill to tunnel through the planet’s depths seeking rare stones, defeat monsters and harvest their fossils, and perhaps even play an evil tug o’ war to plunder other players’ collections. As an extra triumph, form a clan and compete in the oil conquest and expand your Civ by amassing the many valuable resources and delivering them to your CivCrafter game.

What Makes it Fun?

CivMiner is the first true “adventure clicker.” It captures the fear, wonder, and excitement of an expedition. As players dig deeper, they see things that fewer and fewer people have ever witnessed. The dedicated pioneers that uncover and brand new stones will leave their names in the history books for all followers to witness.

For Gamers That...

  • Love voxel graphics, 3-D pixel art similar to Minecraft
  • Desire to explore unique worlds without leaving home
  • Prefer pick-up and play ease and convenience

Not For Gamers That...

  • Dislike clicker or farming-type gameplay
  • Want a full-scale RPG-style experience


Naquatic LLC

With over 50 million users, Naquatic LLC is a developer of world renowned mobile games including Guncrafter, MonsterCrafter, and the Showdown sports franchise.