Division Z

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Tower Defense
Platforms: iPad
Requirements: iOS 7.1+

Game Synopsis

Division Z is a tower defense game in which you strategically build and upgrade armed structures to destroy waves of zombies. With a variety of weapons, a plethora of upgrades, as well as some special enhancements to carefully consider throughout 18 increasingly difficult stages, it’s clear that only skillful players will survive.


Tower improvements

As you annihilate the enemy, use the rewards to increase tower potency. There are five total levels of power to achieve.

Energy boost

In a tight spot? Purchase an energy drink for on one of your soldiers. It will temporarily expand that tower's capabilities.

Upgrade tree

Beyond in-battle enhancements, Division Z features a branch-type improvement system for your towers. Unlock these permanent characteristic augmentations to gain an edge over the zombies.


Thinking Monkey Studio

This company was started as a pursuit of and to show off my passion for gaming. I've always enjoyed playing games and now I enjoy making them. I hope that as the company and I grow that passion and effort will come through in my games. I'm just here to make games that I love to play.