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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 8.0+

Game Synopsis

A royal rabbit has been condemned in Hell, requiring your assistance to escape. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, the path to freedom is a perilous labyrinth, riddled with demonic creatures, spirit destroying traps, and puzzling platforms that demand split-second decisions. Overall, you’ll need to help the crown bearing bunny hop through dozens of increasingly difficult areas to collect enough feathers and fly away to paradise.


What a great crate

Move, smash, or burn the wooden box containers to construct or clear passages.

A splash of holy water

Utilize the blessed liquid to create land-like sections without any other materials.

I saw you running

Avoid a splitting headache of frustration by dodging the spinning blades of absolute death.

Point me to the power-up

Locate and grab miraculous ability enhancing items to aid in your quest.

Killing with deceptive kindness

Turn the tide against your enemies by attracting them to traps with clever maneuvers.


RareSloth LLC

RareSloth was founded in 2013 by two guys working hard for corporate America. Eventually, their common passion for well-crafted gaming experiences was enough to encourage them to take the dive and become full-time independent developers. Now, the pair of men live and nap among the sloths to better understand the creatures' mystical powers.