Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Arcade
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

For millenniums, the dinosaurs have battled the evil Asteroidians across the galaxy. At a point when the rivalry finally appeared to be over, the Asteroidians made a devastating strike, annihilating a massive dinosaur colony on the planet Earth. Hell-bent on undoing the damage, a sole hero puts on his super-dino suit, steps into the time machine, and begins another adventure as the mighty Mechanosaur.


One touch operation

Use a single finger and quick reflexes to control the moon and help Mechanosaur defend Earth from incoming enemies and other hazardous objects.

Great gameplay

Snatch power-ups, discover new Asteroidians, and even lean the meanings of life as you progress in the mission to save many of your species.

Funny finishes

We hope you have an open sense of humor because there’s a good jab when the game’s over. Is that a random insult generator? You better believe it.


XperimentalZ Games

Based in Montreal, XperimentalZ Games is an independent software developer dedicated to the creation of cool and original games for the App Store. The enterprise was founded in 2010 by Patrick Jacob, a former scientist in mathematical physics and game designer at Gameloft who turned indie. He was soon followed by Ghislain Bernier, programmer and geologist, who shares his passion for video games (or is simply as nuts). They released Don't Run With a Plasma Sword in 2012 and Platforms Unlimited in 2013. It's now a three-man team (with a few occasional collaborators) and continues to try to push back boundaries on the App Store.