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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

Proxies is a new approach to pet simulator games — how well you take care of your Proxie will determine how the pet ages and evolves. Keeping your pet safe from different weather conditions, preparing it hearty meals, and playing with it will ensure that your Proxie stays healthy and happy. But be careful, the consequences of neglect can cause your Proxie to become ill and can result in death if not handled properly. There are also secrets that you can discover on your own as your pet grows everyday. Proxies also has a large variety of accessories and backgrounds so you can customize the experience for your personal tastes.


Customize your proxies

Select from many different accessory items to dress up your proxie and control its appearance.

Play mini-games

Keep your proxie healthy by controlling its weight through mini-games.

Prepare meals

You can buy and choose several food items to feed your proxie with.


Ali Sakhapour

Graduate of Art Center College of Design, majoring in Illustration, Ali has always had a passion for storytelling. It wasn't until he was first introduced to video games that he became obsessed with the notion of interactive storytelling, allowing players to be active participants in the story.Although this is the first game put on kickstarter, Ali has another title that is nearing completion that he has worked on for several years with Fredson Laguna.