Slime Smasher EX

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Reflex
Platforms: iPhone
Requirements: iOS 5.1+

Game Synopsis

If you love to pop bubble wrap, this is the game for you. Except instead of squeezing tiny, air-filled balloons, you’re going to smash the small, globular units of the Slime Army. And not only because it’s an enjoyably addictive activity, but also to save the world and be the greatest wizard there ever was. So, limber up those thumbs and let’s get to it.


Stress relieving, intuitive gameplay

There are no stats or schemes, and just one skill: reflexes. All that you need to do is quickly tap every slime creature you see and watch them explode.

Powerful rewards for combos

By killing 10 slimes without interruption, you’ll be able to summon a magic stone, which can be used to cast spells such as “Meteor Strike” and “Blizzard.”

Numerous types of slimes

Along with hundreds of attacking formation, the Slime Army includes units of varying abilities, e.g., speed boosting, cloning, shapeshifting.



Momota is a small, indie software studio based in Taiwan. Slime Smasher EX is our first game, though we're hard at work making more fun, lovely, and intuitive entertainment for you to enjoy in the future.