Sword of Xolan

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Action
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

Sword Of Xolan is a retro action platfomer game. You'll play as Xolan, a warrior who is on a quest to save the captured villagers from the evil Borzandar. The game has three different acts that contain 10 action-packed levels and a boss battle at the end. Sword of Xolan has over 30 different monster types that you must learn the attack patterns of, and there are many deadly traps as well in his quest. Other features of the game include customizable virtual buttons, MFi controller support, game-cards, and nine time-based challenge levels.


Sword and fireballs

Beat the enemies with the sword or blow them up with fireballs.


Be careful! There are epic boss battles at the end of each act. They won't show mercy — neither will you.

The villagers

Swing your sword for freedom and save the villagers from Borzandar!

Deadly traps

Every level is filled with spikes, traps, and numerous obstacles. Timing is key to avoid getting hit.

Game cards

Game cards will improve Xolan's skills permanently. You also extra chances for some special in-game content.


Alper Sarikaya

My name is Alper Sarıkaya and I’m an indie game developer residing in Istanbul, Turkey. I have nine years of experience creating animation and video FX for various films and commercials. Since 2012, I’ve been working on developing mobile games for smartphones. I design games that I would like to play myself. My goal is to develop games with high-quality graphics and enjoyable gameplay for everyone.