The Last Warlock

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 7.0+

Game Synopsis

The Last Warlock is a turn-based strategy role playing game. You'll command your Warlock across a series of hand-crafted quests as you encounter many different monsters, traps, puzzles, and even enemy Warlocks! The Last Warlock features an extensive single-player experience and an exciting multiplayer battle mode where you can play hotseat or online asynchronous battles against up to four human or computer controlled Warlocks.

What's The Game?

The Last Warlock is a turn-based strategy RPG that is in the art style of games like Minecraft. Players take control of a customizable Warlock and will journey through many different magical lands. The game has over 60 spells of varying elements to use, and you can even summon creatures to help you fight. The Last Warlock also has a robust crafting system, so you can make epic weapons, armor, and potions. And like any good adventure, there is plenty of epic loot to be found that can be used on your quest to find the secret of The Last Warlock.

What Makes it Fun?

The Last Warlock is much lengthier than your average mobile game and is not dumbed-down for the masses. While there is an initial introduction, players will not be handheld throughout the rest of the game. There are a lot of variations on how one can approach a quest, and the enemies respond differently on each play. Due to this, The Last Warlock provides a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience for players.

For Gamers That...

  • Enjoy strategy games
  • Enjoy role playing games
  • Enjoy monsters and magic
  • Want to battle their friends in multiplayer
  • Not For Gamers That...

  • Are impatient
  • Are looking for a Minecraft clone
  • Developer

    Sonic Sloth

    Sonic Sloth is a small indie games developer based in Australia. We have a background in triple-A console titles and have enthusiastically embraced the world of indie games and the freedom it gives us.