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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

UNWYND is a game that employs a simple swipe based mechanic in order to solve meticulously crafted, combo-based puzzles. There is a heavy emphasis on letting the player paint unique solutions to each puzzle. Each solution can be achieved in multiple patterns, depending on the player’s approach to gestures. The core of game is based on matching colors and symbols. With swift gestures, players need to pull in coloured ribbons that mark the blocks on screen based on their respective colors, which result in different combinations of X and O patterns.


Simple swipes

Just swipe the blocks to trigger ribbons and fulfill the combo shown.


Level up your puzzle solving instincts and solve more complex puzzles.


Overload your senses with new colors as you progress. There are many more on the way!


Dropout Games

The studio was formed when a class topper and a rebellious student met and came up with the idea of dropping out of the college due to the lack of relevancy they found in their curriculum. The duo have had some prior development experience as they had previously worked with Lucid Labs (another indie studio from India) on a game called “ ROTO: A Simple Circular Puzzle”, which has been critically acclaimed in Asia, being a finalist in “Free-to-Play” category at Casual Connect, Asia.