Wave Crash

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Arcade
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: Unannounced

Game Synopsis

Wave Crash is an aquatic runner that allows you to play both with and against your friends. Play with your friends and use their characters to further your goals, or embarrass them on the leaderboards by putting their top scores to shame. Explore a host of settings, from local to mythological, as you acquire new vehicles to captain and hats to wear.


Go big or go home

Execute aerial trick combos and rack up a high score. Each trick increases your multiplier, but one wrong move could cost it all.

Customize all the things

With a huge list of vehicles, you can find a ride that fits your style and personalize it too.

Ride with your friends

Bring your friends' characters into your game. Their hats affect your vehicle while they come along for the ride.


Not Robot

Not Robot is an indie game studio put together by long time friends dedicated to building high quality gaming experiences. They want to share everything that made them fall in love with gaming in the first place: making players laugh, cry, jump in the air, and scream with glee. Most importantly, everyone at Not Robot is a human, and nobody is being controlled by robots.