Apple’s white iPhone 4 – which went on sale yesterday – was discovered to be slightly thicker than the black iPhone 4. Because of this, white iPhone 4 owners may have issues finding a snug case that fits their new handset perfectly.

The exact difference in depth between the white and black iPhone 4 is 0.2mm (according to TiPb). Over at Apple’s website, the following message is displayed alongside the handset’s tech specs: “Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.”

But, can 0.2mm actually make that big a difference? According to Engadget, it can:

We’ve confirmed ourselves, that an Incase slider that fits a black iPhone 4 just fine has to be forced into place on the new white model.

Could this kind of “forcing” result in scratches being made to the handset? Maybe. Obviously white iPhone 4 owners don’t want to have fight with their handset to squeeze it inside a tight fitting case – regardless of whether scratches could be made to the model.

If you own Apple’s recently released white handset, let us know if you’ve encountered any issues with iPhone cases in the comments.