Starbucks is now offering customers free iBook downloads as part of its “pick of the week” program.

Last month, the coffee selling giant started handing out paid iOS apps to customers, beginning with the popular Shazam Encore application. Now, Starbucks is giving away free extended e-book samples, and according to Ina Fried of All Things Digital, TV shows will soon be included in the program, too (keep your fingers crossed!).

Starbucks and Apple’s iTunes partnership is an old one, according to Fried, and if you ask me it’s a great reason to bypass other coffee shops and head straight for the “Starbucks” sign. I mean, who doesn’t want to score a free download for their iOS device?

This week, Starbucks’ digital giveaway is an extended sample from “The Night Circus,” by¬†Erin Morgenstern. To get your copy, head over to a Starbucks store and look for the above card.

And don’t forget, you can even download the iBook in-store, using a Starbucks’ Wi-Fi hotspot!