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Starbucks Extends Free "Pick Of The Week" Promotion To Apps

Starbucks Extends Free "Pick Of The Week" Promotion To Apps

August 16, 2011
After long promoting iTunes and music in its stores, Starbucks, the coffee distribution chain and long time Apple partner has begun giving out free apps to its customers as part of its "Pick of the Week" promotion. The promotion, discovered by CNET, seems to be an addition to Starbucks' current iTunes promotion. That is, rather than a song, Starbucks customers will, some weeks, have the chance to get a free iOS app through a promocode displayed in the store. This week, for example, you'll have the chance of getting a free copy of Shazam Encore, the $5.99 ad-free unlimited version of the music discovery app. Clearly, Starbucks must be working with Apple on this one, as normally, app developers are only allowed to gift 50 copies of each version of their application. That is unless someone at Starbucks is sitting all day generating gift codes, but at $6 a pop, it's more likely Apple and Shazam are in on this deal. Either way, great idea.

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