You know what’s cool? How about a half-trillion dollar market cap.

It’s been just a little more than two weeks since Apple’s stock hit the $500 per share milestone. And just like we predicted then, the company’s shares have continued to go through the roof.

On the day Apple officially scheduled next Wednesday to announce the new iPad 3, shares closed at an all-time high of $535.41, finishing up almost $10. With the close, Apple’s market cap is $499.2 billion.

Yes, that’s right, Apple is worth almost half a trillion dollars and is the world’s most valuable company when it comes to market cap.

For a little context, Exxon Mobil is in second place, almost $100 billion dollars behind. And Apple is worth more than $30 billion more than competitors Google and Microsoft combined.

Excuse me while I call my (non-existent) stockbroker.