One of our favorite apps to watch streamed videos on the iPad, Plex, received an update today featuring Retina display support and a host of other new features.

After installing the free Plex Media Server on their Mac or PC, users can stream videos, music and photos on their iPad or iPhone.

Along with support for the new iPad’s full-resolution screen, version 2.3 of the app now features some management functions so users can mark videos watched or unwatched and rate them. The detail views now also feature background art.

Other improvements include the ability to lock the video player in landscape orientation, the option to add or remove media from your myPlex queue, easier access to channels and queued media from the home screen, and higher resolution images on the photo viewer.

There is also a new 20 MBps stream quality setting for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and new iPad.

Fixes in the update include playback of stacked videos, better handling of audio items with multiple streams available, and detection of players launched while the Browse tab is active. The default playback action is also remembered correctly.

Plex is available in the App Store for $4.99. The app is universal and can run on your iPad or iPhone.

After you update, do be careful. The Plex developer does have one word of warning:

If you are a Plex user, are you glad to see the app supporting the new iPad’s full display?