Last week, we told you about the initial rollout of Facebook Pages Manager in some parts of the App Store world, including New Zealand and Canada. Now, the app is live in the US App Store as well.

Facebook Pages Manager joins Facebook‘s comprehensive main app and the standalone Facebook Messenger private messaging app in the social networking leader’s line of mobile apps for iOS. But while the main Facebook app has long been universal, Pages Manager is currently iPhone-only, just like Messenger. (We’ve seen supposed previews of Facebook Messenger for iPad, though.)

As its name so clearly suggests, the app lets you manage your fan or brand pages on Facebook. The majority of Facebook users maintain personal accounts only, but if you’re among the minority who administer at least one page, the app may prove quite helpful. The app lets you manage up to 50 of your pages, although I don’t see you accessing that many unless you’re a straight-up social media manager. For others, a page or two pertaining to personal blogs or advocacies is more than enough.

Facebook Pages Manager retains the look and feel of the main Facebook app for iOS.

Just like Messenger, Pages Manager adopts the look and feel of the official Facebook app. Through its navigation sidebar and lateral browsing panel, you can perform a number of actions for your pages even while you’re on the go. The app lets you post updates and photos to your pages as well as respond to your pages’ audience. The app also has an importantly named Insights section, which lets you view the total likes and reach of your page along with a nifty trends chart. Push notifications for all or a select few of your pages are also supported by the app.

Facebook Pages Manager is available now in the US App Store for free. I expect the app will continue its rollout to other countries within the next few days.

Do you have any use for this new (but actually not so new) app from Facebook?