FDG Entertainment appears to be on a good run, publishing Clear Vision, Tentacle Wars, Expand It, Captain Antarctica, and Car Toons in 2012 alone. With that said, FDG has announced another upcoming release, Chicken Raid.

Like several of FDG’s other App Store offerings, Chicken Raid for iOS is a port of a popular Adobe Flash-based game. As the name implies Chicken Raid is all about a group of chickens that take part in annoying activities, including blatant attacks that become quite obnoxious. Your mission is to stop them by initiating precise actions to create all out destructive, i.e., physics puzzler. Indeed, that makes it a bass-ackwards version of Angry Birds, but it’s still worth a look.

Chicken Raid for iOS is scheduled to be available in the App Store on August 2 in separate iPad and iPhone versions. Until then, feel free to check out the gamer trailer and screenshots embedded below.