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Don’t Just Watch These Car Toons! Help Them Fight Crime

Don’t Just Watch These Car Toons! Help Them Fight Crime

July 27, 2012
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Car Toons! ($0.99) by FDG Entertainment is a platform puzzle game where the world’s emergency service cars get the chance to fight back against stupid drivers. Give that illegally parked jerk a push and watch him fall into obscurity. Just make sure you hit the breaks so you don’t follow him into the abyss.

Car Toons! by FDG Entertainment screenshot

Players maneuver three emergency service vehicles as they rid the roads of riffraff and malcontents. Your job is to push the bad guys over the edge and make it to your designated parking spot within a limited amount of time. Kill the bad guys, park the car, and finish fast to earn three stars.

Puzzles have obstacles that make saving the day difficult. For example, players may have to figure out how to get to a platform that is high above the car and also full of explosives, or balance one car precariously on a rickety board while driving the other car across to the other side.

Each car has a special ability. The fire truck has rocket speed. The police car can turn around and face the opposite direction, The ambulance can jump. The abilities can’t be used all of the time. Sometimes you can only use one ability on a level and must decide which car would benefit the most from it.

There are 100 levels across nine worlds. Each time you start a new world there are new types of obstacles to deal with. You may have to work around exploding barrels or get to a direction-switching post.

As you progress, the levels increase in difficulty. If you come across a puzzle that you just can’t figure out how to solve, there is a “Tow Truck” button you can use to skip the level and unlock the next. There are five skip options. I didn’t find the puzzles to be particularly challenging. I played through 50 levels and only had to skip two of them. I got all three stars on the remaining 48 levels.

Although the game is somewhat easy to beat, it is very entertaining. Fans of platform puzzle games will enjoy the many challenges that await them in on these rough streets. For only $0.99, you are getting a bargain. There is also an HD version of this game for $1.99.

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