When Warmongers was released last month, it came in two separate device-specific variants. There’s Warmongers for iPhone and then there’s Warmongers HD for iPad. Well, the former has been updated recently with several new features including, most notably, universal support.

Warmongers is, as Lory concisely put it in her review of the game, “a castle defense game without a castle.”

In the game, you deploy various human warriors in a battlefield in order to defeat goblins who are presumably out to attack your castle.

It’s essentially a tug of war with swords and arrows, as you strive to ensure the safe passage of your warriors while fending off your bloodthirsty enemies.

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As mentioned, the variant of Warmongers that’s originally iPhone-only has been updated with iPad support.

Those of you who purchased the previously iPhone-only version of the game need only install the update to effectively get the universal version.

Oddly, those of you who purchased the iPad-only version, Warmongers HD, possesses a game that’s still iPad-only.

It’s a good thing the universal version of Warmongers is available now in the App Store for free. But that free price tag is valid for a limited time only, so better download it now before it reverts to a non-free one.

In addition to universal support, iCloud support for saving and loading games across devices has also been added by the update to the game.

So, you need not worry about losing your games when updating to or downloading the new universal version of Warmongers.