A couple of months ago, Flipboard added Google+, YouTube, and The New York Times integration. A couple of days ago, Pulse launched its spiffy new Web version. Soon, it’s another social news reading platform’s turn to show off its latest feature. It’s Flud‘s turn to come up with something big.

Like Flipboard and Pulse, Flud is an iOS app that applies a social layer to news aggregation.

Flud lets you add any number of sources of information that matter to you. And if you find something that’s particularly interesting, you can endorse or “flud” it.

Every time you “flud” something, you’re practically influencing the reading experience of your friends across your connected social networks. And pretty soon, you’ll be able to purposefully influence the reading experience of your colleagues.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

According to the Flud team, with the upcoming, evolved version of Flud, you can:

… use Flud’s reader to consume news and share information privately within your business. Also, log into Flud’s web-based Mission Control center to study how well content performs in your company. Flud shows you who the thought leaders in your company are, allows you to write important company news and announcements and then taget that news to specific groups using push notifications. All this and more in the all new Flud!

Flud for teams and businesses sounds promising. Seeing as teams and businesses thrive on information, Flud offers a suitable platform for the delivery and exchange of pertinent knowledge within an organization.

The Flud team is currently in the process of selecting 50 companies to use the beta version of its upcoming product. If you’d like to sign your company up, please click here.

The current version for Flud is available as a free universal app in the App Store.

By the way, in case you’re wondering whether Flud is going exclusively professional, wonder no more. You can still use the all new Flud for your personal news consumption and sharing.