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New York Times Premium Content Now Available On Flipboard

New York Times Premium Content Now Available On Flipboard

June 28, 2012
As announced, Flipboard has been updated today to start showing content from The New York Times. In an unprecedented move, the world-renowned news organization has agreed to have its award-winning journalism delivered via a digital channel outside its own platform. And it has chosen Flipboard, arguably the most popular social news app today, to be that very channel. Upon updating to the latest version of the app, you can already sign in to your New York Times account through Flipboard. If you're currently not a subscriber to the publication, the app shows you only the posts in the Top News section. Otherwise, you'll have full access to the newspaper's premium digital content, ranging from articles to slideshows. Note that this setup follows that of The New York Times' free, universal Newsstand app. Of course, any type of content sourced by Flipboard from The New York Times is reformatted into the app's defining magazine-inspired style. I enjoy reading The New York Times through its Newsstand app. But having its content available on Flipboard means I can easily switch to reading it while browsing my Flipboard-ized Tumblr and Twitter feeds. Furthermore, I like the extra sharing options provided by the social news app, particularly its support for reading later. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the newly The New York Times-enabled Flipboard is available now in the App Store for free.

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