One of the top choices for stargazers who own an iDevice, Vito Technology‘s acclaimed astronomy app, Star Walk, brings the experience to life with augmented reality, stunning graphics, and a regularly updated database of celestial objects. In Star Walk v6.0, the user interface has seen a significant revamp in many areas, making it brighter, quicker to navigate, and easier to ingest than ever before.

The very first thing that jumped out after loading the updated app was a more vibrant horizon depiction. The new look doesn’t overwhelm the sky, of course, but the vividness makes the experience seem a little more real and captivating. In addition, Star Walk 6 includes a revised main menu, such as Picture of the Day being renamed Gallery, and there’s now an action button with access to many different ways of sharing that marvelous view.

Whether a star, planet, moon, constellation, satellite, etc, Star Walk’s revamped information screen is light years ahead of where it started. To the left are figures and other details like before, but now they’re accompanied by an overview paragraph and grouped. For a few more fun facts, there’s also a “Did You Know?” display at the top that can be cycled through. To finish things off, Vito now includes enlargeable photos and charts to ogle at across the bottom.

Heading back to the main menu, we’ll take a quick tour of the new image gallery. Previously, photo were displayed in a “Cover Flow” view. It’s a visually appealing method, but not the most efficient means of navigation. As a replacement, Vito Technology has implemented a gallery view that’s extremely similar to the iOS Photos app.

The four primary albums of the Gallery are Picture of the Day, European Space Agency, European Organization for Astronomical Research or European Southern Observatory, and Featured Objects. Within some of those albums are more albums, providing dozens of spectacular photos. When viewing images full screen, the top-right corner has buttons to show or hide the information popover, jump to the web page, and share.

Star Walk for iPhone and iPod touch is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $2.99. Star Walk for iPad is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $4.99.