A few months later, and it’s still dire times for the pygmies. Who would’ve guessed, right? Anyway, the latest issue of the Pocket God comics continues describing the chaotic conditions unfolding on the girls’ island as they fight to survive without their regeneration gem.

In issue 16, the boys were still trying to repair the girls’ gem, hoping not to become a shark snack in the process. Obviously, there’s a lot more danger than that, plus a little passion, perhaps.

So, what happens next? Well, more near death experiences as well as twisty turns, bumpy roads, a carnivorous plant, and the “most shocking and unexpected ending of any issue so far!” Yep, being a vegetarian isn’t necessarily the easiest way to extend your lifespan. Anyway (again), it’s probably just best to read the official synopsis at this point.

Gem Cell Research: Part 3 of 5! You’ll never guess what that Seaweed Monster is up to! ‘Trying to kill them’? Uh, yeah, so I guess you did guess. But can the tribes all get away from it or not? That’s the question! The girls’ regeneration gem is still busted, so no more second chances for them! This drives Sun and Ooga to train both tribes in what to do in an emergency…cause you KNOW there is going to be another one of those sooner or later!
Meanwhile, Klik and Teela work to fix the girls’ gem. And it’s looking pretty good too! But can they fix the broken gem before someone dies of a broken heart? This issue PROMISES you the most shocking and unexpected ending of any issue so far! And if you are shocked and amazed by that, just wait until you see what we have in mind for parts 4 & 5!

In addition to the new comic book issue, be sure to check out the handful of new Pygmy Peril issues. Issues 17 through 21 include more insight from Thomas Dye in the Dev Corner, chatter about Comic-Con, and ongoing coverage of the “Olympygs.”

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