Twitter for iOS has just received a small yet, come to think of it, significant update. The update to one of the most popular social networking apps for iOS brings — you guessed it — support for both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

This update comes just hours after a similar update arrived for that other popular social networking app for iOS, Facebook. As it happens, both Twitter and Facebook are deeply integrated into the latest version of Apple’s popular mobile operating system.

More notably, though, this update comes just a few days after version 5.0 was released for Twitter for iOS.

Twitter 5.0 was a major update in that it added support for profile header photos and photo streams on profiles and events in both iPhone and iPad editions of the app.

Twitter for iPad

Moreover, Twitter 5.0 introduced a redesigned interface for iPad, aimed at unifying the UI across the social network’s various platforms.

But the new Twitter for iPad has been met with widespread criticism, especially since the interface it replaced was deemed much better. No wonder Tweetbot for iPad shot near the top of the App Store charts shortly after the update was released.

As for today’s update, which also brings bug fixes, it’s only to be expected — and a welcome enhancement at that.

The new, iOS 6- and iPhone 5-optimized version of Twitter for iOS is available now in the App Store for free.