With iOS 6 making its debut tomorrow, The Omni Group has made sure its popular OmniFocus apps will be ready.

Both OmniFocus for iPhone and OmniFocus for iPad have been updated with support for the new OS version along with various other improvements and bug fixes.

Probably one of the biggest improvements in the update is support for TextExpander Touch. TextExpander snippets will be expanded in most text fields, in notes, and in search.

And the new version expands on Siri support for devices running iOS 6. Support for the personal assistant was added late last year, but the update allows you to access your Reminders for the Reminders Capture feature.

Unfortunately, OmniFocus isn’t a universal app. After price drops this summer, OmniFocus for iPad and OmniFocus for iPhone are both $19.99 in the App Store and can be downloaded now. Users must be running iOS version 5.1 or later to use the updated apps.

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While I like OmniFocus and its many strong features, I’ve always seemed to gravitate to the simpler to-do apps. FetchNotes is still my favorite, and is something I use daily to keep track of what should be the top of my list.