RichText Edit, a promising text editor that debuted for the iPad in mid-July, has just received its second update.

First and foremost, the update carries out a name change for the relatively new app. As of several hours ago, RichText Edit shall be known as Textilus, inspired by the name of the app’s developer itself, Knowtilus.

I think the new name is much better than the ridiculously generic RichText Edit. If nothing else, it should represent the app’s ability to carve out a unique name, figuratively speaking, for itself.

Along with the new name comes a new look for the app. “The new design is more neutral,” explains Knowtilus. “Your document is the king here, not the app user interface.”

The name-changing update also introduces document folders. Now you can sort your documents into folders through drag-and-drop. You can also edit the name and color of each of your folders.


In line with the introduction of document folder support, the app also introduces a dedicated Dropbox sync folder to make Dropbox syncing easier.

The update also adds a couple of improvements related to copying and pasting text.

First, you can now copy and paste rich text in a document or between documents without loss of formatting. Second, you can now copy the HTML source code of a document for direct pasting into HTML editors, including those of WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

Finally, the update adds support for insertion of Web links in a document. This improves on the previous update to the app, which introduced automatic link detection and an in-app browser to boot.

Textilus, formerly known as RichText Edit, is available now in the App Store for $4.99. Thanks to the update, the app is decidedly better than ever, regardless of its name.