Already featuring its own line of comics, Pocket God has undeniably joined the rank of being a pop culture icon alongside Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and a few other iOS titles. In fact, the Pygmies are now joining plushy Om Nom and Angry Birds in cuddly form thanks to Funko Toys and Barnes & Noble.

Available in two different sizes, Pygmy vinyl figurines are the perfect gift for the hardcore Pocket God fan, even if it’s a gift to yourself. Select a Cute Pygmy, Screaming Pygmy, Zombie Pygmy, or the Moon Witch as a 5-inch collectible figure. Otherwise, take your chances on a 2.5-inch figure from the “blind box” collection, which can contain any one of 16 unique characters that’s not specifically identified on the package.

The Pygmy figurines are being sold online and in local Barnes & Noble stores starting at $5.99 each.