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Cut The Rope's Toy Box Update Coming Soon; Om Nom To Take On A New, More Plushy Form

Cut The Rope's Toy Box Update Coming Soon; Om Nom To Take On A New, More Plushy Form

July 19, 2011
ZeptoLab and Chillingo have announced that Cut the Rope will be gaining a bunch of new levels and some new gameplay mechanics via a soon-to-be-released update. They have also announced that Om Nom will be taking on a new, more plushy form sometime this October. Cut the Rope's Toy Box update will feature 25 new levels that will have you swinging and bouncing an array of tasty treats all over the screen and hopefully into Om Nom's gaping mouth. The update will also add the ability to choose which type of treat you want to feed Om Nom -- donuts, cupcakes, and hard candy -- just by tapping on the candy piece in the main menu screen. With all of his time off between updates, Om Nom has taken the opportunity to color some pictures and hide them in each of the boxes. When you find and unlock a picture, you'll be able to post it to Facebook and share it with your friends. If you've been stuck on a level for some time or just don't feel like making your way through earlier boxes to get to the new ones, you'll be happy to know that the update will bring a new Star Key in-app purchase, which will unlock all current and future boxes. You'll also be able to gift the game to a friend right from the Options menu. Although it's not related to Cut the Rope's upcoming update, this final bit of news should still excite fans of ZeptoLab's candy munching monster. ZeptoLab has teamed up with Toy Wiz to create Om Nom plush toys, which will be available sometime this October. The plush toys will feature three different facial expressions and will be available separately or as a complete set. You can check them out or even pre-order your set at

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