App developer Agile Tortoise has just inked an update for two of its most popular products, Drafts and Drafts for iPad.

Originally released as an iPhone-only app but later expanded with a separate iPad-only app, Drafts lets you jot down text quickly for whatever purpose you have in mind. After you create a draft in Drafts, you can then send it to other supported apps or act upon it in other supported ways.

The latest update to both iPhone and iPad editions of Drafts actually brings more supported apps and further enhances a couple of supported actions.

For the former improvement, the new versions of Drafts and Drafts for iPad now support sending drafts to the following apps:

The update also adds “Use First Line as Title” support for the Event action.

Drafts for iPad

For the latter improvement, Drafts and Drafts for iPad now include custom email actions and an “After Success” advanced setting.

Custom email actions let you create an unlimited number of, well, customized email actions. These actions may contain preconfigured recipients and subjects and may be sent at prompt or in the background.

The “After Success” advanced setting, for its part, lets you specify if you want to do nothing, create a new draft, or delete the current draft after an action is successfully completed.

Drafts for iPhone and Drafts for iPad are available in the App Store for $1.99 and $2.99, respectively.

Last month, Drafts beat Scratch in our quick note-taking app showdown. Now, if the two were to go head-to-head again, I bet Drafts, what with its new set of improvements, would easily beat Scratch again.