Ski Safari has just gone all spooky with its new Halloween update.

A former AppAdvice Game of the Week title holder, Ski Safari is one cool endless running game. Well, it’s actually an endless skiing game, in which you guide Sven as he negotiates the snowy slopes.

Currently, Ski Safari offers four different skiing slopes.

There’s Penguin Peaks, which is “the original avalanche escape experience.” There’s also Eagle Bluffs, which comes with a warning: “Sheer drops!” There’s Howling Hills, where “ice ponds and wolves abound.”

And then there’s the brand new Monster Mountain, which arrives just in time for Halloween. Also, it asks, “What comes out when the sun goes down?”

Ski Safari

In celebration of the season of spooks, Monster Mountain in on sale at a whopping 99 percent off. That means you can unlock and select the new slope for only 100 snowflake-minted coins.

Here what Ski Safari creator Defiant Development has to say about Monster Mountain:

Welcome to Monster Mountain, the height of horror and hi-jinx.

Introducing the Count Sven costume and his band of night creatures. Use dark wolves, giant bats and creepy hands to escape the evils of the mountain. With new upgrades for the snowmobile and the wolf, Monster Mountain won’t be as terrifying as it seems. There are new ranks, challenges and hazards to make Monster Mountain the most thrilling slope yet.

Have fun … if you dare!

Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and already optimized for iPhone 5, the Halloween-ready Ski Safari is available in the App Store for $0.99.