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Cool Story, Bro: Ski Safari Is Now Way Cooler With New Slope, Upgrades And More

Cool Story, Bro: Ski Safari Is Now Way Cooler With New Slope, Upgrades And More

September 29, 2012
An avalanche of an update has just arrived for former AppAdvice Game of the Week Ski Safari. Released late last April, Ski Safari is an extremely addictive game that combines the best elements of such "endless" games as Tiny Wings, Whale Trail, and Jetpack Joyride. Ski Safari offers one-touch gameplay, which is typical of endless running games, as you control Sven, the main game character, in his endless skiing. In the latest version of Ski Safari, there's a brand new slope for Sven to conquer. As you accomplish certain challenges while playing and reach new ranks, you get to unlock new slopes to ski along. And now, you can unlock a new and steep slope called Eagle Bluffs by reaching rank four, otherwise known as Yeti Grunt. Eagle Bluffs joins Penguin Peaks, which is the original and default slope, and Howling Hills, which is filled with ice ponds and wolves. Along with the new slope, new costumes and custom snowmobile paint jobs are brought by the update to Ski Safari. New upgrades are also available in the shop to make assistive penguins backflip quicker and eagles fly farther. There are also new challenges, of course. In addition, the developer of Ski Safari "tweaked some troublesome challenges to make them easier (like busting through clouds)." Ski Safari is available in the App Store as a $0.99 universal game. The game is now also optimized for iPhone 5 and enhanced with iCloud backup and syncing support. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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