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AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 3, 2012

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

Every week, our staff will handpick a game from the past seven days that we believe is a must-download for your iPhone or iPad. These games will always be from a wide variety of genres, but they are chosen because our own staff members love it and can’t quite put it down. So here are this week’s picks! Enjoy, and happy gaming!

Ski Safari

The “endless runner” game is extremely popular nowadays, and our pick this week falls under this genre. Ski Safari is a fun game that will have you thinking about winter, and it combines the best elements from other endless runner games like Tiny Wings, Whale Trail, and Jetpack Joyride.

A guy is sleeping in a small cabin in the serene mountains, when suddenly there’s a rumble and an avalanche starts. Of course, he’s rudely awakened, but luckily he had his skis on! Why you would have your skis on that fast is beyond me.

Once he gets going, it’ll be a nonstop action-packed ride. You will be skiing down the mountain, trying to outlast the avalanche that is on your tail. Controls are simple โ€” just tap on the screen to jump, and tap-and-hold while in the air to do backflips. If you tumble and get stuck in the snow, don’t fret! A few taps will get you moving again.

Along the way, you will encounter penguins, yetis, eagles, and even snowmobiles. These are like the vehicles in Jetpack Joyride โ€” they will give you a boost, and provide you with armor to take a hit here and there.

Eventually, you will be caught by the avalanche, since it will speed up the farther along you get. Once you get devoured by the snow, it’s game over!

There are even various ranks that you can acquire by completing goals, which can sometimes prove to be a real challenge. Game Center is supported for leaderboards, so make sure to get as far as you can to beat your friends and other players around the world.

Our team just can’t put this one down โ€” it’s incredibly fun and addictive. Make sure you check it out and hit the slopes!

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Honorable Mention


I know everyone loves a good puzzle game every now and then, right? Well Polymer is a new take on the iOS puzzle.

The main objective of the game is to build shapes called polymers. You will have an entire screen full of randomly shaped pieces, and you will have to slide each row and column to make a complete polymer. If it has a black dot, then that means it’s not complete. Controls just couldn’t be any simpler.

The game modes that are included are Two Minutes, One Polymer, and Bombs. You start out with only Two Minutes mode, where you only have two minutes to make as many polymers as you can to get a good score. One Polymer will have no time limit, but you must build the biggest polymer you can, so you have to make it really count. Bombs mode will feature bomb pieces that have to be defused by making polymers from them.

There is also Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements, so there’s always a reason to keep playing. Additionally, you can unlock more color schemes, polymer pieces, and the other two modes (you only start out with Two Minutes) the more you play.

So if you’re a fan of puzzles, make sure you don’t miss this one. Our staff members enjoyed this refreshing new twist on the typical puzzle game.

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