The website is showing off pictures of parts from the purported iPad mini. The Russian-language site claims that the parts were from a source that visited a plant in Asia.

Probably the most interesting is the black rear shell that shows the smaller tablet will be capable of receiving cellular data. Also seen on the shell is the nano-SIM card slot on the right edge, Lightning connector on the bottom, and headphone jack at the top of the unit.

On the outer part of the shell, only the “iPad” branding is listed, giving a clue to what the tablet may be officially called. There is also a hole for the rear camera.

A picture of the supposed white front panel and digitizer shows the narrower side bezels that have been talked about for some time. There are also holes for the home button and front-facing FaceTime camera.

News broke Monday that the smaller iPad will likely be announced at a special event Oct. 17 with invitations going out next week. Launch date will reportedly be on Nov. 2, just in time for the lucrative holiday season.

And as my colleague Bryan Wolfe noted earlier today, the release of the smaller iPad could actually help Apple grow its share of the overall tablet market.

Via: 9to5Mac