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Bazinga! Apple's iPad Mini Event Likely Oct. 17

Bazinga! Apple's iPad Mini Event Likely Oct. 17

October 1, 2012
Folks, the iPad Mini could be announced on Oct. 17. According to Fortune, Apple will soon send out invitations for their second fall event following the launch of the iPhone 5 last month. According to one of Fortune's contacts, "multiple sources" have indicated that press invitations for the iPad Mini even are set to arrive on Oct. 10:
If the rumor is true, and if Apple follows its usual scheduling protocol, that would suggest a special event to unveil the product on Wednesday, Oct. 17, with a launch day of Friday Nov. 2 -- plenty of time to capture holiday sales. Apple has not commented on the rumor, which is not surprising given that the company has never uttered a word  in public -- one way or the other -- about its future tablet product plans.
We've heard much in recent months about the so-called 7-inch iPad Mini. Hopefully, we'll be hearing a whole lot more very soon. As per usual, we'll keep you updated. Source: Fortune Photo: iPad Mini concept, as published by Pocket-lint

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