Another day leading up to Halloween, another update to a zombie-themed iOS game.

On the heels of the Halloween update to Earn to Die, here comes the Halloween update to Dead Trigger. In case you’re not familiar with either game, the former is a game where you have to knock zombies down with vehicles, while the latter is a game where you have to knock zombies down with lethal weapons.

And in the new Halloween update to Dead Trigger, there’s a new lethal weapon at your disposal: the almighty Crossbow. Go on and add that to your arsenal, which may already contain the Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, Minigun, Chainsaw, and Brain-Mil.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

You can use the Crossbow and the other weapons to slaughter and decapitate hordes of Halloween pumpkin-head zombies in the game’s new Haunted Graveyard arena.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the new trick-or-treating version of Dead Trigger is available now in the App Store for free.

The new version of the game also includes reduced pricing for the Minigun and a new logout button that lets you switch between different in-game accounts. Of course, the game is now also optimized with iPhone 5 support.