How addicted are you to Letterpress, the new word game from Tweetie creator Atebits? If you’re as addicted as us here at AppAdvice, then you’re extremely addicted. Undeniably, a lot of other players are, too. And now, Atebits is letting us Letterpress junkies play the game “in uniform” with a brand new pair of Letterpress T-shirts.

The Letterpress shirts are created by and sold through United Pixelworks, which states:

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been playing Letterpress non-stop since it was released in the App Store. Now you have a uniform to do it in. A 5×5 grid of Letterpress boards, printed in water-based ink on [an] American Apparel 100% cotton tee. Atebits logo in blue on the back.

Letterpress T-shirt by United Pixelworkers

The shirts come in two colors, silver and black. Each shirt costs $22 and is available for preorder until Monday, Nov. 5 at 1 p.m. EST. So, go forth and preorder now!

And as if you need another reason to click on the “Add to cart” button, Loren Brichter, the man behind Atebits, is donating his share of the proceeds to a good cause. For every shirt you purchase, around $5 will go to the American Red Cross to aid Hurricane Sandy relief.

So, essentially, you’re helping the people affected by the recent storm by supporting a game that has recently taken the iOS world by storm.

Source: United Pixelworkers
Via: Atebits