Currently, Siri on iOS 6 lets you find out about movies and their corresponding screening times in theaters near you. Soon, though, Siri on iOS 6.1 will be able to help you buy tickets for movies you to want to see. That’s according to 9to5Mac, which has obtained information regarding the matter from developers who are beta testing the upcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The new Siri function is activated using simple voice prompts, examples of which are shown in the below screenshot of Siri’s Disney/Pixar-centric user guide.

After parsing your command for a certain movie, Siri displays the screening times for your preferred theater. You can then select a time and tap the “buy tickets” button to proceed with your ticket reservation.

Siri will soon be able to help you purchase movie tickets.

Note, though, that the process is not fully handled through Siri. Actually, the ticket purchasing itself is handled by Fandango, whose iOS app is automatically opened once you tap the aforementioned button. In case you don’t have the Fandango app on your device, you will be asked to download it first.

This setup is not unlike that of Siri’s already existing restaurant reservation function, which is ultimately handled with OpenTable.

Are you looking forward to this next attraction in Siri’s ongoing development?

Source and images: 9to5Mac