Indie developer Forsaken Media has had considerable success in mixing action, adventure, strategy, castle defense, and RPG elements with Bug Heroes. But it’s apparently seeking to do some more mixing of the same with the upcoming Heroes & Castles.

Obviously, like Bug Heroes, Heroes & Castles showcases a number of heroic characters. But, unlike Bug Heroes, Heroes & Castles don’t have insects for its protagonists. Rather, it has taken a more traditional approach in having medieval warriors for its titular heroes.

In Heroes & Castles, you can choose from three types of heroes, each of whom has unique skills and specialties. The hero of your choice will then have to engage in a raging war.

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To ensure your hero’s survival against various kinds of enemies, you can recruit units, build fortifications, manage resources, etc. — the usual tasks you have to carry out in action, adventure, strategy, castle defense, and role-playing games.

Heroes & Castles is set to enter the battlefield that is the App Store in early December. So, you don’t have to wait long before you can play the game.

In the meantime, you can watch the “Lord of the Rings”-sounding game trailer above to preview what lay in store in Heroes & Castles.