Readability, which has been my read-later app of choice since day one of its free availability in the App Store, has just received a small but nonetheless neat update.

Prior to this update, the universal iOS app most recently received a couple of updates that included: iPhone 5 support, unified navigation menu, a new URL scheme, and a new tap-and-hold gesture for saving or viewing articles.

Now, its latest update brings additional sync speed improvements and, more notably, a new grid view.

Let it be known right at the outset, though, that this new grid view is applicable to the app’s Top Reads and Longform Picks only. What’s more, it’s in effect in the app’s iPad edition only. That includes the recently released iPad mini, of course.


According to the official Readability blog, grid view “gives readers a more inviting, visual way to discover new content in Readability.”

I totally agree. Presented in grid view, either of the app’s two curated reading lists now resembles an elegant e-zine, with some article previews accompanied by representative images.

Indeed, as stated in the aforementioned blog, grid view offers a great way to “check out the latest snapshot of what the entire Web is reading.”

I’d very much like to see it applied to the main read-later queue itself and added to the app’s iPhone edition as well.

The new version of Readability for iPhone and iPad is available now in the App Store for free.