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Apple Launches New Comprehensive Service Status Page

Aside from restoring app gifting on iOS, Apple has also launched a new status page for its various services. As pointed out by The Next Web, this new status page is more detailed than the old one. It is therefore more effective at showing which particular services are down and in need of restoration. Previously, Apple's system status page simply stated whether all services were online and specified which ones recently experienced downtime. But now, it breaks down Apple's general services, stores, and iCloud into their respective components. For example, iMessage and Siri are in the first category, App Store and iBookstore in the second, and Mail and Backup in the third. What's more, each component is accompanied by an icon indicating whether its corresponding service is currently A-OK (green round-rect) or not (orange triangle). Effectively, this makes it easier and quicker to see which services are having issues. Additionally, the new status page includes a timeline that details the recent downtimes across affected services. In the past few weeks, Apple has had to deal with a number of service failures. So, a comprehensive system status page is definitely a boon to us users, especially those among us who are given to asking, "Is it just me or is iCloud down?" Source: Apple Via: The Next Web
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