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Apple Reportedly Planning To Launch iPhone 5S In August, Next-Gen iPads In April

The next-generation iPhone may be released in August, while the next-generation iPads may be debuted as early as next month. That's according to iMore, which was told by "sources familiar with the plans" of Apple as to the launch of its refreshed line of iDevices. The upcoming new version of Apple's popular smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5S, will reportedly sport the same basic design as the iPhone 5. Of course, that's hardly surprising, since iPhones bearing the "S" prefix have so far been very similar in design to their respective predecessors while offering a notable upgrade or two. In the iPhone 5S' case, the upgrades will probably come in the form of an improved processor and an improved camera. As for the next-generation iPads, the so-called iPad 5 will most likely get a considerable redesign, as suggested by recent iPad 5 casing leaks. But rather disappointingly, the highly anticipated Retina support for the new version of the iPad mini "still doesn't sound imminent." A week ago, my colleague Bryan put up a post outlining his guesses on when new Apple products will debut this year. In it, he placed the launch of a Retina iPad mini in March or April, followed by the launch of the iPhone 5S in June and the iPad 5 in September. Of course, iMore itself maintains that "Details can and do change, sometimes repeatedly." In any case, we're sure to have an exciting rest of the year as far as new iDevices are concerned.
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