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Opinion: Apple’s 2013 Product Launch Schedule Begins In March

Opinion: Apple’s 2013 Product Launch Schedule Begins In March

February 26, 2013
On Friday, the month of March begins and so too should Apple’s product launch schedule for 2013. Based on the latest rumors, analyst checks, and yes, my gut, here are my best guesses on when new products will debut this year. For more information on each new product, and the latest rumors about each, click on the links that I have provided.


This is typically the time when Apple debuts a new iPad. This year, a second-generation iPad mini should take center stage. Another new iPad? Probably not, given the short time-frame between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 launch. And yes, the headline here will be that the iPad mini will now have a Retina display. Also possible in the coming weeks could be the launch of Apple’s long-rumored iRadio. With competitors said to be gearing up to launch similar products for iOS, the time is probably right for this to happen. I’d also expect to see Apple unveil a fourth-generation Apple TV.


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will almost certainly happen this month. As such, the event will likely see the launch of the so-called iPhone 5S. Also announced should be iOS 7, and the next version of OS X. Most likely, however, these software upgrades won’t be available to the public until later in the year. Retina display MacBook Airs could also be announced in San Francisco. And don't forget about the less expensive iPhone that we’ve heard much about in recent weeks. That too should launch at WWDC.


In 2012, Apple went off script and held two “special” fall events. This could happen again this year. During the first, Cupertino will probably announce an iOS 7 release date. At the same time, the iPad 5 should launch. At the second event, the company’s line of iPods should get an update. However, the big news here could be the launch of the iWatch, which would arrive just in time for the holidays. Literally the biggest unknown remains the possible launch of an iTV. If Apple were to release an actual television, it will likely happen sometime towards the end of the year. Still, we’ve heard very little about this in recent weeks. It is entirely possible that Apple won’t release an iTV in 2013, or ever. Instead, Cupertino could launch a brand new set-top box that would work with any television.

A final point

What could throw the wrench in all of this, of course, is the high likelihood that Apple could release two generations of a product in the same calendar year. If I were to make a bet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the iPhone 5S launch in June, while a completely redesigned iPhone 6 would debut in September or October. However, I don't expect that this model with be the iPhone Plus, which Apple will likely hold until next year. Remember that this schedule isn't set in concrete. Instead, it is based largely on recent rumors, and my instincts. As such, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments below.  

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