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Components For iPhone 5S To Start Shipping In May In Time For Third Quarter Release

A couple of weeks ago, the Japanese Apple-focused blog Mac o Takara reported that Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, had begun production of the iPhone 5S. But now, another tech news site from the Far East is claiming that components for the next-generation iPhone are only about to start shipping. According to the Taiwanese tech industry daily DigiTimes, which is known for its hit-and-miss track record, Apple's upstream supply chain suggests that said components will begin shipping at the end of May. As a result, the iPhone 5S is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year. This prediction is in accordance with, most notably, iMore's recent report saying that the next-generation iPhone would be released in August. DigiTimes' sources also believe that Apple is planning to release a low-cost iPhone model having a plastic chassis. But they maintain that the iPhone 5S is not going to significantly improve upon Apple's current flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5. No surprise there, since it is, after all, in keeping with Apple's established "S" product cycle. Specifically, DigiTimes' sources join the chorus of speculators who claim that the iPhone 5S is set to feature both an improved processor and an improved camera. But according to a Morgan Stanley analyst, the iPhone 5S is going to have a "killer feature." Of course, this killer feature is yet unknown. But several reports have suggested that it could come in the form of fingerprint recognition, NFC technology, or both. Via: MacRumors
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