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One Month After Its Debut, The T-Mobile iPhone Gets More Expensive

Remember the $99 down payment T-Mobile had been charging as a down payment on the iPhone? It’s gone, according to TmoNews. T-Mobile is now charging customers $149 as their down payment for a new iPhone 5 instead of $99. As a result, the total overall payment over 24 months has jumped from $579 to $629 for the 16GB model. Thankfully, the monthly equipment installment remains at $20 over the same 24 months. [caption id="attachment_415227" align="aligncenter" width="642"]New prices for T-Mobile iPhone New prices for T-Mobile iPhone[/caption] Revised price points are as follows:
  • 16GB, $629.99, or $149.99/$20 per month
  • 32GB, $729.99, or $249.99/$20 per month
  • 64GB, $829.99, or $349.99/$20 per month
T-Mobile had previously announced that they sold 500,000 iPhones as part of their unique “un-carrier” plan. On April 12, T-Mobile became the last of the big U.S. carriers to sell Apple's flagship product. The company is also expected to begin selling LTE versions of the iPad and iPad mini later this year. See also: Increase T-Mobile iPhone Download Speeds With This Hack, No Jailbreak RequiredT-Mobile's New iPhone 5 Ad Attacks AT&T's 'Overcrowded' LTE Network, and T-Mobile Launches TV And Video-On-Demand Streaming App On iOS.
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