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T-Mobile's New iPhone 5 Ad Attacks AT&T's 'Overcrowded' LTE Network

T-Mobile's New iPhone 5 Ad Attacks AT&T's 'Overcrowded' LTE Network

May 8, 2013
T-Mobile, the so-called iPhone "un-carrier," has launched a new ad for Apple's smartphone in which the network compares its 4G LTE service against that of rival AT&T. Particularly, T-Mobile claims that customers accessing its 4G service will enjoy a better experience than AT&T users, since the latter carrier's network is "overcrowded" by its larger number of subscribers. Here's the TV ad, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

T-Mobile enjoyed an impressive iPhone 5 launch last month, and offered customers an attractive iPhone trade-in program in an attempt to get current smartphone owners to upgrade. Since, the carrier has launched a couple of TV ads, one of which aims to advertise T-Mobile's "no contract approach" to the iPhone 5. Take a look at the above advertisement now, and let us know your thoughts. Alternatively, for further industry news, see: AT&T Launches LTE Coverage In Five New US MarketsSharp Reportedly Set To Begin Production Of iPhone 5S Display In June, and Opinion: Sometimes Even Apple Fans Must Wade Into The Android Ecosystem.

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